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She may be thin, but this girl has shown that she is an expert in off-the block hits.

The reason you probably do not know her yet is she has not been a consistent part of UPs starters.

In their game against Ateneo last Saturday, Cyd scored back-to-back points which enabled DLSU to take the game in just three sets. Former Ateneo libero Steph Gabriel was cute with her Oriental features, but Denden just burns the cuteness meter. She is currently the leading candidate for the Best Server award.

In a lineup that boasts of formidable stars, Cyd comes off the bench and makes an impact during times when Coach Ramil de Jesus lets her play. Denden Lazaro Ateneo Lady Eagles rolls and tumbles on the court and then wins the hearts of the people watching her. She may be lethal, but she is charming at the same time. This open hitter has built a name for herself because of her sheer athleticism and the number of hair clips she sports during games.

de Lara While many people troop to the arena to watch the volleyball players strut their skills in spiking, blocking, serving, setting, and defending, there are also those that witness the games to admire the players good looks.

In celebration of Valentines Day, Pinoy presents the top 10 Cutest UAAP Volleyball Players of Season 75.

But it cannot ignore the popularity of this towering player from Taft. Instead, you will see fresh faces, or maybe faces you have seen before, but have not really noticed since you were too busy ogling at the previously mentioned girls. Princess Gaiser UP Lady Maroons before making her UAAP Volley debut, Princess is already a well-known girl because of her Milo advertisements.

Denise Tan, Charo Soriano, Rachel Daquis, and Cha Cruzthey used to be the poster girls of the UAAP. Favorite ko si Pineda ng Ad U, next fave ko si Basas ng FEU. She is a diminutive, young lady who may just be the best libero UP has ever produced in years.

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